Brand introduction
  •         Deformat-focus on the promotion of brand culture ,improve the core value of the brand. The goal is based on the long-term sustainable development of world class precision CNC machines. Deformaters strengthen the foundation, continuous innovation, and take the world advanced level as the benchmark,market oriented, Adhere to the establishment of the brand, brand development, cohesion for the smooth development of the enterprise escort. We respect hard work, we are grateful for the times, we will follow the policy of from being “Made in China" to “Created in China" to constantly self transformation, so as to create a "moral, sincere, integrity" as the core of the moral enterprise and integrity brand; molding culture internally, refining growth value, let the grass-roots production serious and rigorous, let the middle-level efforts to forge ahead, let the high-level have principles; molding brand externally, building establish integrity and profit symbiosis, let customers benefit, let the society recognize, let our brand go to the world.

         Enterprise values: "professional first, integrity and gratitude, create value, benefit employees, give back to the society", strive to create more high-quality CNC machines for customers and the industry, firmly believe in the belief that "there are no critical customers, only imperfect products", constantly summarize and optimize the progress, improve customer satisfaction, win-win cooperation, and achieve sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise.

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