Three Spindle 5 Axle Multi-purpose Machining Center
The main body is combined with natural marble and cast parts which is highly stable.  The table is shared by 3 Z axes with independent servo tool magazine.
Multi-purpose Machining Center
Four Spindle 5 Axle Multi-purpose Machining Center
Multi-purpose Machining Center
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The goal is based on the path of long-term sustainable development of the international precision CNC machine tool. Deformat people are dedicated to strengthen the foundation, innovation, to the world's advanced level. We are guided by market demand, adhere to the quality of business, brand development, cohesion and cohesion to escort the stable development of the enterprise. We respect hard work, we are grateful for the times and we will continue to transform ourselves with the policy of "Made in China" to "Created in China" so as to create an ethical enterprise and integrity brand with "morality, sincerity and trust" as the core. We shape the culture internally, refine the value of growth, let the workers have dignity, let the managers have desires and let the senior managers have principles. We shape the brand and establish a symbiosis of righteousness and benefit, benefit customers, let the society recognize and let the Defman brand go to the world.
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Applications: aerospace, electric vehicles, defense, medical instruments,  sanitary wares, mobile phones which are made of ceramic, stainless steel, Aluminium, plastic and complex boards
10 years in the business with 500+ customers

20000 sqm facility with 2000 units annual capacity.
Capable to develop control software, product design, manufacturing, sales and after service.
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Asean countries, middle east, Japan, Korea and Europe.
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Good lubrication is able to reduce the working temperature of the bearing and prolong the service life. It should be noted in operation and use as follow:
At low speed, grease and oil circulation
The contact angle of the ball screw support bearing is 60 degrees, which can bear large axial load. It is mainly used in ball screws of various precision machine tools, and can also be used in grindin
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